Saturday, August 23, 2008

Concerto nº2 in A Major Lizst (1839)

Whilst being far less known then the nº1 concerto by the same composer this concerto is still a true master piece. This concerto in A Major (S. 125) is not so technically demanding as the first but it is much more a true concerto with an outstanding blending between the orchestra part and the piano.

This concerto was composed by the time Lizst was still mainly interested in his virtuoso carrier (1839-1840) which makes this concerto even more remarkable. Lizst revised the concerto at least four times to arrive to the final version of 1861. It was played by the first time by Lizst pupil Hans von Bronsart to whom the concert was dedicated in Weimar on the 7th of January 1857.

This concerto has a an original structure as it is conceived in a single movement with six parts that are played without interruption and it´s performance normally lasts around 20 minutes.

First Part (Adagio sostenuto assai)
Second Part (Allegro agitato assai)
Third Part (Allegro moderato)
Fourth Part (Allegro deciso)
Fifth Part(Marziale un poco meno allegro)
Sixth Part (Allegro animato)

We propose that you listen to this concert in the interpretation of Sviatoslav Richter. First fragment here, second fragment here and third Fragment here.