Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is this blog about?

We will start off this blog by talking about piano concerts, but first let me explain with more detail what we aim for. The idea of this blog is not to be to hard to read. It will not require any musical education background although at times we will use some technical terms (we will try to explain them).
Another thing to keep in mind is that we are trying to seduce new people to like classical music. This way the pieces that I (we) choose for "best" also take in account this criteria.

You (the readers) can participate in this blog in several different ways. You can propose other pieces to be considered as best. You can defend one of the pieces already in the lists or even more interestingly you can propose an all new category along with your preferred list. I will be as liberal as possible in admitting new categories. For instance I will accept "Ten best violin players" or "Ten best musical pieces to seduce a boy(girl)friend" but I will not accept any categories that will in anyway be aggressive or disrespectful of any race, religion, ...

Also I will not accept "Worst" categories just because I respect too much any people who tries to make music. If its bad, okay, We have so much good stuff to talk about just let them be. Eventually they will improve.

As you might have noticed English is not my natural language. Although I try to be as correct as possible and spell and grammar checkers do help a lot I cannot promise that sometimes an error will not slip away. Please feel free to correct me. All help is welcome.

A final word of advise on my background. I am not a professional musician. I had some classical music education a LOT of years ago (some of it has somehow remained in my memory) but still I am NOT a professional nor do I intend to be taken as one. Music is a hobby to me and as such I have to rely on secondary sources of information. I will always mention them just as I will always mention the authorship of your suggestions (unless you ask me otherwise).

This said (I will probably complete this in the future) lets get to fun stuff .... The 10 best piano concerts.

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maria correia said...

Thank you so much for your «abertura»! English is also not my mother language, but, since you write in English...anyway, as a translater, I must say that your english is fantastic! I discovered Diz Que Não Gosta de Música Clássica two or tree days ago and I was amazed! Today, this new blog, The Best also an example of what is possible to do with a blog, classical music and an enormous spirit of love for it as well as a marvelous whish to teach, to help people understand better what classical music is...Thank you, thank you so much! Bravo! Bravo!